About Us


Metanoia is the journey of changing one's mind, heart, self or way of life. It is the process of experiencing a "break down" and the subsequent positive re-building and healing."

My name is Alejandra, founder and designer of Metanoia. Since I was a kid I have been attracted to fashion, art and expression, and how our dressing choices involve all of these. Being a third culture kid allowed me to grow up surrounded by different aesthetics and conceptions of what the act of getting dressed means and this directly impacts my vision for Metanoia and our designs.



That is why in Metanoia you will find sets that evoque the golden era of Havana, timeless dresses to enjoy every possible party,  blouses inspired by colonial America times, and bathing suits that directly take you to mediterranean coves. We create conscious and versatile high quality pieces so you can enjoy them for many years. We believe less is more and we want you to feel your best self while wearing our designs.


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