You asked, we answered: "What type of dress suits me best for a wedding if I'm petite?"

You asked, we answered: "What type of dress suits me best for a wedding if I'm petite?"

You’ve sure asked yourself more than once: “what kind of dress suits me better for my body type?”. Well, our best answer would be “the one with which you feel your best!” But, it’s true that there are some general guidelines to help you choose styles that enhance your silhouette more than others. Let’s get to it! You'll be the wedding queen! (with the bride's permission- of course!)

We've all been there, in need of a dress for a wedding and we feel lost when trying out different options. Many of you ask us: “What type of dress suits me best if I’m petite?” While there is no universal answer, there are some tips and tricks to help you add some inches to your figure and elevate your look.

Go for monochromatic looks, preferably bold colors without big print or horizontal lines. They make a bold statement that we absolutely love for weddings, graduations or any event!

Choose short or middle length dresses, showing your legs lengthens your figure. Short is more suitable for graduations or day events, while midi dresses are perfect for daytime and evening weddings or events! Same applies for off the shoulder pieces, showing your neck and shoulders adds some inches too. Bonus: tight dresses, at least from the waist up, will also help to this visual effect. If you’re a shoulder pad lover as much as we are, you’re lucky! Shoulder pads will add dimension and some extra length to your torso. 


When it comes to picking the right cleavage, we suggest you decide on a wide square or V shaped cleavage, one that is not excessive, remember, it’s all about playing with proportions! If you choose a long skirt or dress, try to go for one with a slit to show your legs to add verticality.  

What about accessories? They are key in achieving our purpose. Obviously heels are a winner here. Our suggestion? Pick wide heels that are comfortable and you don’t have to ditch halfway through your party or wedding, and go for shoes without anklets that shorten your leg. Bonus if they’re pointed toe like stilettos and have some platform to add to your comfort. 

Jewellery can be a game changer: add verticality with some long earrings that frame your face and neck and don’t overdo it: less is more. 

Did you know that big purses make you look more petite? Use the smallest bag you can (always one that can carry what you need- we are aware of how many "ifs" can come up when attending a wedding or event!)

 Always remember that the best way to learn what fits us best is trial-error. Go outside of your comfort zone and try new things, it might surprise you how flattering and refreshing it could be!

And last but not least, we think that the best dress is the one in which your essence shines through and you feel your best self, so make sure whatever your choice is, that's how you feel. We came to enjoy the party, wedding, or event at hand- and ourselves, didn’t we?! 

Let us know your thoughts and please add to our tips and tricks if you have others when choosing the most suitable dress for a wedding or event!