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Hello, my name is Alejandra, founder and designer of Mystic Metanoia. I was born in Venezuela to a family of mixed cultures, which allowed me to grow up connected to a wonderful mix of traditions. My passion for Galicia and its crafts comes from two of my grandparents, who transmitted their love for their land and its folklore to me. 

So, I wanted to create a special limited edition honouring my roots.




I remember one summer, over ten years ago, in the island of Margarita (Venezuela), I fell in love with this artisan embellished bikini that a young man had handmade and was selling by the beach. I still own it and I hold a special place in my heart for it and everything it represents. That bikini has been on my mind ever since, and it made me want to create my own version of an artisan swimwear collection.

So, When I discovered the marvellous work of Montse Betanzos, I was fascinated by it. Montse is the third generation of a family workshop that aims to maintain and revitalize the "colareiras" practice. 

"Colareiras" are women who make art with local seashells that are manually collected in the winter during storms and changes in marine currents. They have been doing this for over two hundred years.  It is traditional from O Grove, a little sea town linked to the Ría de Arousa.



Nowadays, this activity is recognised with the Artesanía de Galicia (Galician Crafts) badge. It is at risk of disappearance due to lack of generational replacement.

Our purpose when bringing alive this artisan collection with them is to contribute to keeping alive this ancestral tradition while permeating our designs with centuries of their seashell magic and Galician know-how.

Montse's dedication and attention to detail are present in every piece of the collection, and we are in love with the results.

                                                  We hope you fall for them as much as us. 


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